European Antibiotics Day and homeopathy

On the occasion of the European Antibiotics Day 2019 symposium hosted by the Ministry of Health on 18 November 2019, Health Minister Brigitte Zarfl warned against even greater care in the use of antibiotics: “Antibiotic resistance is a health hazard for humans and animals that must be combated globally. In order to prevent further resistance, a correct diagnosis and, based on this, the selection of the right antibiotic – in the right drug form and dosage over the right period of time – are essential.”

ÖGVH President Dr Petra Weiermayer made an interesting contribution to the symposium. She presented homeopathy as an effective solution against antibiotic resistance: “Bacteria which antibiotics are no longer effective are on the rise. The problem is huge: According to expert estimates, antibiotic resistance could cost more lives than cancer by 2050 – if nothing is done about it. This is a problem that urgently requires all medical therapies to work together to solve. As an effective and cost-effective treatment method, homeopathy must, therefore, be used as a valuable supplement to conventional medicine,” explained Dr Weiermayer.

The symposium on the 12th European Antibiotics Day 2019 was attended by renowned experts from Germany and abroad. The invitation to the Ministry was accepted by physicians, veterinarians, pharmacists and nursing staff.

Source: tierä

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