Training & education Teaching and training centres for each CAM modality

Most training in CAM in Europe is designed and delivered by non-profit associations and institutions and by private teaching/training centres for each CAM modality. In some Member States CAM therapies are now taught at universities to Bachelor of honours level.

Curriculum content, knowledge, skill levels and examination procedures are generally overseen by the individual professional bodies of each CAM modality. This is based on defined standards of training and particular systems of accreditation, registration and on-going CPD/CME (Continuing Professional Development, Continuing Medical Education) of CAM health professionals. There is currently no overall European legal framework for training in CAM modalities. 

CAM education for medical doctors

CAM training and education for medical doctors is mostly provided through non-profit associations and privately run schools and courses, but also at a number of European universities as postgraduate training courses. Professorial chairs of CAM exist in at least 8 EU Member States and in some Member States there are also chairs in a specific CAM modality. Familiarisation courses about CAM modalities are provided in the medical undergraduate curriculum in most EU Member States; this study is optional in most countries, obligatory in some.

CAM education for practitioners

The CAM professions are working with both health and education authorities on a national level to institute state recognised training courses and accreditation. A much faster take up of these initiatives and progress towards European level awards and mutual recognition is desirable.