Complementary and Alternative Medicine

CAM - for sustainable patient centred healthcare

EUROCAM Uniting European CAM organisations

EUROCAM is a foundation uniting European organisations which represent Complementary and Alternative Medicine patients and CAM health professionals, including medical doctors, veterinarians and practitioners. The aim of EUROCAM is to promote the contribution of Complementary and Alternative Medicine to better health in Europe.

EUROCAM foundation

The foundation covers a broad spectrum of modalities. These include acupuncture, Ayurveda, anthroposophic medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathic medicine, naturopathic or traditional European medicine, osteopathy and traditional Chinese medicine.

The practice of CAM modalities affiliated to EUROCAM is based on clinical expertise, which has been collected in the course of their existence, and the best available clinical evidence from scientific research built over the last few decades.


The objective of EUROCAM is to promote and facilitate CAM’s role in enhancing and maintaining citizens' health, highlight the health promotion and illness prevention aspects of CAM for EU public health policy and programmes. This to advance the accessibility, affordability and availability of CAM, and generally, promote CAM at European level.

Our mission is to promote and facilitate CAM’s role in maintaining citizens' health and promote CAM in EU public health policy