The time to invest in a healthy future is now

EU health organisations, including EUROCAM, react to cuts in EU health programme amidst ongoing COVID-19 crisis: the time to invest in a healthy future is now. 

Agreement on the budget of underlying the COVID-19 recovery ad the MFF

After several days of debates and compromises, the European Council reached a crucial agreement on the budget underlying the COVID-19 recovery and the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) on Tuesday 21 July. The deal, however, represents a substantial setback for health at European level.

The proposed €9.4 billion EU4Health Programme, featuring double funding from Next Generation EU and the MFF, has been significantly reduced to €1.7 billion, jeopardising the EU’s ability and ambition to strengthen healthcare systems and public health protection across EU countries.

Funding Horizon Europe Programme

The funding for the Horizon Europe programme has also been hit by the Council’s cuts, with a budget dropping from the proposed €94.4 billion to €80.9 billion. This will have a considerable impact on health research and innovation, an area where the EU aims to gain global leadership.

EU4Health Civil Society Alliance

A few months ago, the EU4Health Civil society Alliance called on European leaders to recognise that the pandemic has shown once again that more EU action on health is more urgently needed than ever. The EU4Health Civil Society Alliance also emphasised that the COVID-19 recovery plans should not be focused on going back to the ‘old normal’ but rather should be taking our health systems to the next level.

Unfortunately, despite the European Commission’s proposals and the European Parliament's support, the Council’s decision seems to reflect a will to drive Europe in the opposite direction.

EU4Health Civil Society Alliance brings together organisations that share the vision of a Europe where all people are as healthy as they can be throughout their lives. More information about this group can be found here.