Welcoming Elisa Baldini as newly elected EUROCAM Chair

With new people on board its EX-CO, EUROCAM is ready for the next EU Parliamentary term. 

With a reinforced Executive Committee, EUROCAM has further strengthened its capacity to promote complementary and integrative healthcare across Europe.

We welcome Elisa Baldini as the newly elected Chair, with a one-year mandate. Elisa Baldini is the Secretary General of the International Federation of Anthroposophic Medical Associations (IVAA). With over 15 years of experience in EU advocacy and the health and human rights sectors, her top priorities for 2024 are to reinforce EUROCAM’s strategic impact in this crucial and pivotal year of the EU elections.

In her opening statement, Elisa Baldini said:

In a climate of polarisation and the aftermath of the Covid pandemic, it is crucial that evidence-based best practices, knowledge and learning from the Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Healthcare (TCIH) field are heard loud and clear by the EU decision-makers. TCIH continues to develop solid, irrefutable evidence of the benefits of thousands of years of practice. We strongly believe it is in the interest of patients and society not just to be aware but also to have access to safe and quality integrative healthcare services.”

Elisa Baldini is succeeding Wieneke Groot, who took over the Treasurer position. Wieneke Groot was elected Chair in 2023 and successfully led the network through the first year of EUROCAM’s new governance model.

Following a 2023 General Board decision, EUROCAM is transitioning towards a member-led organisation, which brings a new dynamic between an extended Executive Committee and the member associations. In this new Executive Committee, the Chair, Treasurer, and other representatives from elected affiliated organisations develop and implement the strategic directions of the network.

EUROCAM is determined to continue the tremendous work accomplished under the outstanding mandate of EUROCAM’s former Secretary-General, Ton Nicolai. Ton played a crucial role in bringing the untapped potential of TCIH to the attention of the EU in tackling the health challenges impacting European patients and societies. He also made a tremendous contribution to creating and developing the MEP Interest Group, which recently became the Interest Group on Integrative Medicine & Health and was pivotal in EUROCAM achieving status as a Non-State Actor of WHO Europe.

Ton was ably supported by Operations and Communications Officer, Miranda Ruchtie.

Ton Nicolai retired from his role in 2022 but continues to support EUROCAM as its Honorary Secretary-General.

Background information

EUROCAM is the European foundation reuniting umbrella organisations of patients, physicians, practitioners, and veterinarians in the Traditional, Complementary, and Integrative Medicine (TCIM) sector. All our affiliated international and European organisations are represented in the General Board, which appoints the Executive Committee (Ex CO) in charge of EUROCAM’s day-to-day management.

EUROCAM embraces the principle of One Health, thus recognising health as multifactorial, related to all environmental factors, and requiring the respectful cooperation of all knowledge and specialities.

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Welcoming Elisa Baldini as newly elected EUROCAM Chair

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