EU Elections 2024 manifesto of the EU4Health CSA

EUROCAM, member of the EU4Health Civil Society Alliance (EU4Health CSA) co-signed the ‘EU Elections 2024 Manifesto’ together with 29 other health civil society organizations.

This manifesto aims to emphasize the importance of health on the European Union’s political agenda. To achieve this goal, the EU4Health Civil Society Alliance has identified ten key priorities to be addressed in the upcoming European elections. EUROCAM specifically wants to draw attention to two of the ten priorities:

7. EU policies improving care for patients and strengthening healthcare systems should promote holistic, person-centred and integrative healthcare.

This includes policies developed with patients, supporting research and innovation, promoting integration and continuity of care to build resilience while making and keeping people healthy. Measures should tackle healthcare workforce challenges, such as shortages, and support upskilling with green and digital skills. The adoption of new tools and technologies should improve disease management, public health promotion and prevention and should be applied to the needs of people with quality, safety and equity considerations. Data collection and analysis should respect privacy and be used in a non-discriminatory manner.

10. The EU should ensure that all policies consider impacts on mental health, physical health, and wellbeing.

Mental and physical health should be systematically considered through an integrative approach in all EU policy developments, such as in finance, education, economy and agriculture. In particular, impact assessments for health and health equity must be implemented by initiating and facilitating action in non-health public policy areas.

The whole manifesto of the EU4Health CSA can be read here.





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