80% of antibiotics could be saved with homeopathy

Birgit Gnadl, a well-known expert in animal homeopathy tells that 80% of antibiotics could be saved with homeopathy. Around 10.000 farmers use homeopathy in Bavaria. This is a third of the total number of farmers in this German state and includes not only organic farmers but also those using conventional methods. The main reason for using homeopathy is to decrease the use of antibiotics, which saves farmers money.

As a normal homeopathy user, you only have people in mind. However, there is also an exciting trend in agriculture, which will be accompanied again and again with blog articles in the Homoeopathiewatchblog from now on: Homeopathy instead of antibiotics. The reason is plausible. Annually, for example, 480 million litres of milk must be disposed of because of antibiotics, that corresponds to an equivalent value of 144 million euro.

In Switzerland, milk farmers will switch to homeopathy from 2019 in order to save on antibiotics. In Bavaria, the „Milchwerkt Berchtesgardener Land“ cooperates closely with its farmers, so that they also switch and at the same time do without glyphosate.

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