Antimicrobial Resistance Manifesto

Manifesto for a healthy Europe 2024-2029

EUROCAM envisions a future where Traditional, Complementary, and Integrative Healthcare (TCIH) is an integral part of European health policies along with conventional medicine, offering a balanced and patient-centred approach to tackle oncology evolving challenges, as well as health challenges of our time.

EUROCAM is the European foundation uniting umbrella organisations of patients, physicians, practitioners, and veterinarians in the TCIH sector. EUROCAM represents acupuncture, Ayurveda, anthroposophic medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy, naturopathic or traditional European medicine, reiki therapy, and traditional Chinese Medicine. The practice of these TCIH modalities is based on clinical expertise and the best available clinical evidence from scientific research built over the last few decades. 

A Roadmap for a Healthier Europe Addressing Antimicrobial Resistance

EUROCAM’s manifesto guides EU institutions in addressing Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). EUROCAM urges a shift in the EU AMR strategy, emphasising the need of health promotion based, sustainable AMR strategies, focusing on a One Health approach, aimed at reducing unnecessary antibiotic use.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) Gujarat Declaration and the G20 New Delhi leaders’ declaration highlighted the importance of unlocking the potential of Traditional, Complementary, and Integrative Healthcare (TCIH). TCIH has a role in addressing pressing health challenges. Supporting the widespread choice of EU citizens who use TCIH, EUROCAM calls for the EU to:

  • Increase Research & Development for TCIH treatments: Invest in research and development for non- antibiotic TCIH therapeutic options to prevent and treat infectious diseases.

  • Prioritise a One Health approach: Strengthen health promotion-based policies that foster collaboration between healthcare, agriculture, and veterinary sectors, valuing information exchange and joint efforts for a stronger together, interdisciplinary multi-stakeholder approach.

  • Advocate for AMR strategies based on health promotion: Advocate for health-based models centred on prevention through health promotion and efficient disease management as a key political agenda. Reduce the reliance on unnecessary antibiotic use for optimal health and well-being. A health promotion based stewardship approach will substantially reduce over- and misuse of antimicrobials.
  • Foster public awareness on TCIH interventions: Implement comprehensive National Action Plans (NAPs) to educate and empower citizens, healthcare professionals, and policymakers about TCIH prevention and treatment options for the management of infectious diseases, enabling equitable access to them.

  • Taking global leadership in the fight against AMR: Advocate for the EU to take a leading role globally, engaging with partners to develop coordinated strategies to address AMR worldwide in a multisectoral One Health approach, which includes TCIH.

EUROCAM is committed to contributing to the shaping of EU policies that effectively combat Antimicrobial Resistance. Collaboration, innovation, and health prevention-based strategies should lead the way in addressing this global health challenge.