Today, 4 February World Cancer Day

Today, on World Cancer Day is the launch of the 3-year Campaign on the theme ‘I am and I will’. It is all about your story and your commitment.

More than 1.75 million people die from cancer in Europe every year, i.e. a quarter of all deaths. Cancer cost the EU €126 billion in 2009, with health care accounting for €51 billion (40%). Cancer is therefore a major challenge for any health system.

CAM in the context of cancer

EUROCAM takes the position that Complementary and Alternative Medicine approaches can be safely used as a complement to standard cancer care, in particular, to mitigate diseases symptoms and side effects of conventional treatment. It also helps provide social, psychological and nutritional guidance for patient re-integration and rehabilitation. A multidisciplinary approach is of paramount importance. CAM should never be used as a replacement for standard cancer care.

MEPs against cancer

CAM is included in ‘MEPs against Cancer, European Elections 2019 Manifesto in section III: Improving Care and involving patients in health policy decisions. MEPs Against Cancer Elections Manifesto.

MEPs Against Cancer aim to support patients, survivors and their caregivers, by:
‘Supporting European research to obtain reliable information on costs, safety and effectiveness of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), proving evidence-based information for patients and for national authorities to enable integration of CAM into their health services’.

More on World Cancer Day and the Campaign ‘I am I will’.


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