DAKOMED interviewed EUROCAM’s Secretary-General

Dr Ton Nicolai, EUROCAM’s Secretary-General is the founder, spokesman, chairman and lobbyist of the relatively young EUROCAM Foundation. All European umbrella organisations working in the field of CAM have been united under the umbrella of EUROCAM for more than six years.

In this interview with Dakomed, the 71-year-old Dutch physician reveals why EUROCAM is needed. Above all which of the many challenges in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) are the most pressing.

Can EUROCAM also be understood as an instrument that summarises all the knowledge and development in the field of CAM and carries the latest findings both internally and externally?

That’s how it is. The knowledge carriers include physicians, veterinarians or therapists who work in the field of CAM. EUROCAM’s goal is a comprehensive positioning for complementary forms of therapy. We want to be accessible, comprehensible and vibrant for everyone who wants to make use of complementary therapies. We are lobbyists who draw attention to existing problems or developments.


Read the whole article in German or in French.

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