Who we are

EUROCAM is a foundation uniting European umbrella organisations representing patients and health professionals, including medical doctors, veterinarians and other practitioners in the sector of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).

These umbrella organisations unite hundreds of national associations in all EU Member States, thus representing a large part of the 400,000 CAM health professionals across Europe.

EUROCAM seeks to achieve mutual advantage by increasing the influence and visibility of constituent organisations and by achieving shared aims as well as sharing knowledge, strategies and contacts. In combining their human and financial resources, EUROCAM’s constituent organisations work collaboratively while remaining separate organisations.

Representatives from these organisations convene on a regular basis in Brussels to discuss strategic actions:

  • To help make CAM more accessible, available and affordable for every European citizen.
  • To achieve a significant political presence within the EU so as to influence the decision making of the EU authorities to support and provide the means for the integration of CAM into European healthcare systems as well as to fund research into its benefits and cost-effectiveness.
  • To highlight the scope and potential of CAM to key politicians and policy makers so that CAM is fully taken into account when policies are formulated about tackling chronic diseases, antimicrobial resistance, soaring healthcare costs and other public health challenges.

Between meetings, EUROCAM’s working groups produce position papers, and meetings in the European Parliament and with Commission officials are organised.

EUROCAM is a member of the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) and the EU Health Policy Platform.