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EU Commission and RAND Europe reports emphasise the need to invest in research on alternatives to antibiotics

On 26 October the EU Commission published its “Evaluation of the Action Plan against the rising threats from antimicrobial resistance.” The report states that “The evaluation demonstrates the need of continuing coordination and collaboration on AMR research on developing new antimicrobials, rapid diagnostic tests, vaccines and alternative treatments.”

Meanwhile in an independent report produced for the EU Commission that evaluates the Commission's strategy on addressing the threat of Antimicrobial Resistance, RAND Europe makes a similar clear recommendation that there must be investment in research in alternatives as a means of preventing and treating infectious diseases.
In collaboration with the JPIAMR, the Commission should also consider which topics should be covered by EU funding, in particular on research related to diagnostics, vaccines, alternatives to antimicrobials for treating infection, social and behavioural factors that drive antimicrobial usage and the interplay between the environment and AMR.”

Existing antibiotics are rapidly losing their effectiveness, there are no new antibiotics in the pharma pipeline. There is already a body of research that demonstrates the effectiveness of CAM approaches to preventing and treating infectious disease. What is needed now is further focused research on how CAM approaches can play a role in reducing antibiotic use in order to protect antibiotic effectiveness for Europe’s citizens and animals.

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