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CAM - for a healthier Europe

EUROCAM is a foundation uniting European organisations representing CAM patients and trained CAM health professionals, including medical doctors, veterinarians and other practitioners. The aim of EUROCAM is to promote the contribution of CAM - Complementary and Alternative Medicine - to better health in Europe.

EUROCAM covers a broad spectrum of CAM modalities, including acupuncture, ayurveda, anthroposophic medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathic medicine, naturopathic or traditional European medicine, osteopathy and traditional Chinese medicine.

The objective of EUROCAM is to promote and facilitate CAM’s role in maintaining citizens' health, highlight the health promotion and illness prevention aspects of CAM for EU public health policy and programmes, to advance the accessibility, affordability and availability of CAM, and generally promote CAM at European level.

Our publication related to the topical subject of Antimicrobial Resistance

EUROCAM's publication “The role of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in reducing the problem of antimicrobial resistance” describes the role herbal, homeopathic and anthroposophic medicine and their associated medicinal products can play to reduce the problem of antimicrobial resistance both in humans and animals. These strategies to reduce our reliance on antibiotics or to make antibiotics that have now lost their efficacy viable once again, are backed by convincing research.

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EU Antibiotics Awareness Day - 18 November
On the occasion of the EU Antibiotics Awareness Day EUROCAM has published a statement about the need for alternatives to antibiotics. See here.


Freedom of Choice Under Threat: What Can European Citizens Do? This was the title of a conference on 7 November 2016 addressing some key questions such as 
- Why is freedom of choice a crucial issue and a challenge for the cultural development of Europe?
- How can freedom of choice be promoted and guaranteed, and what can European citizens do about it?
More details can be found here.


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